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2005 legacy gt clutch

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New to Subaru.


Iv been hearing this very mild grinding sound, on and off every since I got the car in Feb 2011. I have added around 8K miles since then. In a weekend trip, my friend happen to drive in half clutch and rash driving :eek:. This actually made it worst and gives loud grinding sound. Checking in a gas station and internet :confused:, I found its the release bearing issue and requires replacement.


All recommended that i change clutch and flywheel as well to save future labor. Currently I have around 66k miles on it.



I live in falls church, VA


1) Subaru dealership - :eek:

parts - 1100

labor - 1100


2) DPS -

parts - 1100

labor - 450


I thought of buying my own parts and get it done in DPS to save some money and over come this unexpected expense. But they dont want to give warranty.


I called Fredbeanspart, they guided me to buy the subaru 2007 -2010 clutch kit and it will work fine. I run on stock setup, no mods. I prefer smooth clutch action cos of heavy traffic drive.




Am I doing things correctly. I mean diagnosing the issue and find an alternative part. Can I find part and labor cheaper than this.


please guide me :spin: . Thanks in advance. :attention:


Also I'm driving 50 miles everyday to work. Should I stop driving with this issue and avoid more repair?



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