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IDRVSLO modified headlights, TRS HID kit

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After having my DDM hid kit fail on me in the middle of winter, I decided to do things right, and only have to fix it one time.

I contacted matt @ TRS (TheRetrofitSource) and after going through my options and seeing Drew's(- TRS - The Retrofit Source Bi-xenon Morimoto Retro-Quik System (H1) Walkthrough... -) install thread, I knew this was the kit to go with: MORIMOTO RETRO-QUIK SYSTEM. 6000K 35W


The box arrived a couple days after ordering, it was vary well packaged and came with everything needed for an install.

Then after randomly running into Scott (IDRVSLO) at Advanced Auto and talking about lighting and subies, I decided to have do the install along with a couple of his other services. I dropped the HID kit off to him on Tuesday, he installed everything in a set of core lights he had on had, then Thursday I dropped off my car to have the rest of the install finished. Friday afternoon it was ready to pick up.


I'm very picky about wire placement, and was pleased to see that Scott is equally as picky. He was even able to re-use the stealth switch I had install in my shifter boot to control the Demon eyes.

I had him take care of:

-Black house the enclosures

-Install red demon eyes

-Install TRS HID KIT

-Perform the independent for control mod


I am VERY pleased with the results, and I can finally say my lighting mods are done.

Until I get LED turns that is...



Words are cool but pictures are better! Output images will be coming later...



Demon Eyes only



Fogs and Demon Eyes



Fogs, Corners, and Demon Eyes



Corners and Demon Eyes



Same as Previous



Lo-Beam Clear Lenses



Lo-Beam and Corners



Lo-Beam and Corners- hint of color flicker( hard to capture in the day time)



Lo-Beam, Corners, and Fogs



Lo-beam, Corners, Fogs, and 9011 HIR High Beams (More info on those bulbs here)


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looking good I love the demon eyes!


I wasn't sure about them at first, but now there is no question in my mind i went with the right setup!


Sweet, looks scary. I'm tired of my cleared corners and may go the black out way like yours. looks good on BSM


Scary was the goal, you wont be disappointed with them blacked out



Looks great! I'm hitting up TRS about a new HID kit for my IDRVSLO Designs headlights :D


IMO the are the best kit out there without spending big money on a projector swap from and Infiniti or similar. WAY easier to install too

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That just puts a :D on my face, and it's not even my car.


I need to start selling some body parts to support all the mods I want...wait need....I swore to myself I would do all the performance mods I can first, then do aesthetics....but this can be considered a performance mod right? I mean you are upgrading the performance of the light output. So, see I am not lying to myself.....:spin:

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