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AZP Client BBQ, July 24th 11-3

AZP Installs

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Hey all, we are having an informal BBQ on July 24th at the shop. There will be a PDR dent guy there to do some dent removals, I believe they are charging $60/panel.


Bring some stuff if you want special stuff. We'll be BBQing and baking some cookies!


RSVP on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/AZP-Installs/155394057800




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AIM: AZP Installs | E-mail: paisan@azpinstalls.com | 725 Fairfield Ave | Kenilworth, NJ 07033 | T-1 Certified Amsoil Direct Dealer

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I'll be coming home from PA this sunday and technically you guys are on the way lol. I will try and stop by, have a small dent i'd like to get rid of. I would rsvp but I don't have that facetubes website that all you kids have nowadays. :D


What time is everything going down / ending?

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Got room from one more?


I got my door dinged recently and it has bothers me every time i see it and don't know a place in my area that will remove it.


I have a family thing have back on Long Island later in he afternoon. Hopefully i can get there nice and early.

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