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Short notice for Californial Registration...

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I just got my notification to pay my registration. There is a "Special Notice" included with the registration:


Legislation passed on May 4, 2011 changes DMV's process for collecting registration revewal fees due on or after July 1, 2011. This includes not sending 60-day advanced notification to renew and establishing a 30 day grace period before penalties will be due.


My notification came today July 8th. It is due July 18th, they gave me all of 10 days notification to smog my car and send in the payment.

In spite of the above "Special Notice" claiming there is a 30 day grace period, if you look at the actual bill, there is no grace period. there is a listing for payments for various postmarks:



after 7/18/11 through 7/28/11 add a penalty of $26

After 7/28/11 through 8/17/11 add a penalty of $41

After 8/17/11 through 10/16/11 add a penalty of $94


Looks to me like California wants to raise revenue by forcing people to pay late fees.


Looks like I must waste this weekend getting my car smogged.

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It might be because too many people lose their notices. I got mine months ago and forgot I had it (it still isn't due until next month)

There was never a practical grace period anyway since they'll tow it if you haven't paid and leave it in a public place.

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Changes Impacting Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees Due July 1, 2011 and Later:



DMV has resumed normal processing timeframes for July 1, 2011, and later registration renewals. Vehicle registrations due in July, August and September, can be renewed now using DMV's online renewal program without waiting for a billing notice from DMV.

Billing notices are being mailed out as quickly as possible. NOTE: The late payment penalty amounts described on the notices do not apply. Vehicle owners are being provided a 30-day grace period for the remainder of the year. A special insert (see image below) in the billing notice provides more information about the grace period.

Fee changes include:

  • Vehicle License Fee rate decreased from 1.15% to 0.65%, and,
  • A $12 increase in the registration fee (from $34 to $46).

Customers are encouraged to utilize the renewal by mail or online Internet renewal program to renew their registration. These alternative service delivery options will automatically waive late fees for first 30 days after expiration date. New registration cards and stickers will be issued as quickly as possible.

Law enforcement is aware and will not cite vehicles until the first day of the second month after the vehicle registration expires. For example: A vehicle with a registration expiration date of July 10th would not be cited for delinquent registration prior to September 1, 2011.

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You guys need to read EVERYTHING in the envelope. There is a separate slip of paper that explains when late fees will actually be due. Our P5 is due in August and the renewal notice came yesterday.


-- Steve

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The reason for the late notice has to do with the budget.

Back in 2010, they temporarily raised license fees. The governor was hoping that the legislature would approve an extension of the fees, so he had the DMV hold off mailing notices until the budget was settled.


When the budget passed, the DMV was able to start mailing renewal notices and has given a temporary grace period. People with later registrations they should still receive normal notices.

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