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05 Wagon Moonroof issue

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I swear on all things holy that I searched prior to posting:hide:.

I've been having issues with my moonroof for the past couple days and thought you guys and gals might be able to help.


When I go to open the front half - tilt it up that is, the passenger side will not open. The driver side pops up, but there is no travel in the sliding glass as the railing can't clear with the passenger side still down. Now, add to this that one of the rubber seals has broken loose and is currently located in my passenger seat.


I believe the seal rests between the 2 pieces of glass so I doubt there is an issue there beyond something cosmetic.


Has anyone had a similar issue? What's the best way to attach this thing? It is packaged pretty tightly. I'm tempted to remove the front glass just to get at it, but I thought I'd give a shout to the LGT community before getting all agro on it. Thanks for your help!

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Find a body shop that can fix it, Don't go to the Stealership. Most good Body Shop should know how to fix your issue.

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