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Online or Local vendors?


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Hey guys, i'm looking for either a online or local vendor/shop that sells endless or carbotech brake pads (or can get access to them.) need to replace my front pads on my sentra.


tried with google and damn it sucks on searching for stuff like this.

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Put down the krack and use a forum vendor. They have to answer to everyone here/are responsible to the community. Everyone knows my favorite but I have had superior cumstomer service and excellent results with at least 5 or 6 different forum vendors.


Its worth an extra $1 to have someone who will immediately answer your phonecalls, emails and IM's.

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MSprank (Mike) and Infamous1 (Shamar) at Infamous Performance & Tuning of course. Check the sidebar (they built and tuned my car).


They bring low prices and high quality gear. They carry a lot more than what is on the site so anything you want that is not on there, pm them for a price/to see if they carry it.


Here is their website



Here is my build



Here is stage2 deal



Infamous1 tunes



Try to find a negative thing said about these vendors on the forum... You wont! They are GREAT! Did I mention that Infamous1 has tuned over 500+ lgt?


...and FWIW Mike (M Sprank) is a bit of a Nissan fanboi too having had a boosted Sentra and a supercharged Frontier (and he grew up in Datsun racecars!). Seems like a really good fit for you.

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