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lines and fluid


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Goodridge are fine. Honestly I have not read of failures with any braided line. Just poor fitment. I say get the cheapest line you can fine that has gotten good reviews on fitment.


I have used Motul and ATE Blue. I can't really say one is better than the other.

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Don't let people fool you that changing brake lines is a painless, simple job. It is simple enough from a technical point of view, but the logistics of getting those back lines to line up like the originals can be a problem. You will surely bruise your hands in multiple locations, not unlike changing the steering rack bushing job- simple in principal, but painful in practice.
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We stock the Technafit lines and ATE Superblue fluid.


The install as burock said is NOT simple. It's a royal PITA to be honest.


We do the install often but it still is a PITA.





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