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COBB Tuning Releases Major Update to Subaru AccessTUNER Pro

COBB Tuning

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COBB Tuning is proud to announce a new version of AccessTUNER Pro software for all turbocharged Subaru vehicles equipped with the AccessPORT. This latest release features a vast number of added data monitors and significant improvements to monitor and table naming. Real-time writing updates have reduced write times to the ECU and cut valuable time out of the tuning process. The new auto-update and roll-back features simplifies software version management. The latest version of AccessTUNER Pro for Subaru provides an efficient and powerful tuning software package that gives unprecedented access to the Subaru ECU and the fastest Subaru tuning workflow available anywhere!


Table and Monitor Enhancements


This latest release employs a new architecture that contains a much expanded list of monitors and tables and allows much more rapid deployment of new definitions. For a complete list of data monitors and tables available, view the new Subaru AccessTUNER Monitor Definitions and Subaru AccessTUNER Table Definitions documents.


Auto Update and Rollback


The “Auto Update” feature in this release allows AccessTUNER to automatically update itself to the latest version of the software from within the application, eliminating the need to manually download and install new software from the COBB Tuning website. A roll-back feature lets users easily revert to a previous version of AccessTUNER if desired. This simplifies version management and saves valuable time for tuners.


Improved Live Tuning Write Time


Live tuning write-times have been reduced for all models. This allows the tuner to make realtime changes faster than ever, reducing wait times between tuning changes and enabling additional tuning iterations in the same amount of time.


Updates and Fixes


AccessTUNER has been extensively reworked to address a large number of table updates, bug fixes and changes for all Subaru models. These changes make tuning easier and more intuitive. Please view the Subaru 2.0L ECU Software Change Guide and Subaru 2.5L ECU Software Change Guide for a complete list of updates applied to each ECU type.


And More to Come…


A new version of AccessTUNER Race end-user tuning software that includes the same enhancements found in this release of AccessTUNER Pro will be released in the first quarter of 2011. Also, look for additional updates from COBB Tuning to address user-requested features in the coming months.


Important Note

Maps created with this version of AccessTUNER software require the latest AccessPORT firmware (version or greater) be installed. All AccessPORTs must first be updated before using maps created with this latest AccessTUNER version. AccessPORT Manager will automatically update the AccessPORT to the latest firmware version and is available for download on the COBB Tuning Support web page.


In addition, AccessPORT dongles must also be updated to the latest dongle firmware. Within AccessPORT Manager, choose “Yes” for AP Driver installer and COBB Dongle installer in order to update the drivers properly. The dongle must be plugged into the AccessPORT during the installation of the COBB Dongle Installer to properly set the driver on the dongle.


For additional help and assistance, please see the updated Tuner Users Guide found under the “HELP” tab in AccessTUNER or you can download the complete document here.

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