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'98 2.2, leaking oil from timing cover and sounding bad

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So I just picked up a '98 Leagacy wagon, automatic with a 2.2L Had a slight knock when first started up that I figured was a loose exhaust or maybe broken flexplate. However driving it home it got WAY worse. I'm thinking probably either piston slap or spun bearing. Oil light came on and off a few times on the way home and it stalled just as it was pulling into the garage. Looking underneath I can see a fair bit of oil coming from the center timing cover.


I'm guessing the engine is toast. Any guesses what happened? It comes with a reciept from a local garage stating it got new heads, gaskets, timing belt, etc about 1 year ago. Receipt also says a timing pulley seized snapping the belt which caused valves to bend. I thought that the Subaru 2.2L was a non-interference engine?

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+1, what he said.


the oil leak is very likely the oil pump. which isn't a big job to re-seal. an o-ring, a crank seal, some anaerobic sealant and tighten the screws on the back side of the pump with threadlok if needed. but if it is knocking due to low oil it may be new engine time.



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