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How to buy a Subaru in Singapore in December 2010

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I was recently in Singapore. I thought I should share this with you since most of us would not even imagine it.


For the sake of argument, you are looking to buy a 2011 Subaru Legacy GT in Singapore in December 2010 as a new buyer. Here is what you do.


1) Apply and bid for a certificate of entitlement

This is what it is:


2) You won. This is what it cost in December 2010


S$72,000 (roughly 55,000 USD)

3) Now you go to Motor Image. List price of the car is


S$165,800 (roughly 127,000 USD)

4) So you are an awesome negotiator. You negotiate 10% down on the price of the car. Let's say now the car costs 150,000 S$ (or 115,000 USD).

5) Pay Road Tax


which for a car that is 2500 cc and starts on the road on January 1st 2011, it is 1800 S$ 1,800 ( about 1400 USD) (per year)

6) Insure the car.

I was told it is about 1500-2000 USD per year


NOTE: I do not recall the sales tax on cars. The sales tax on regular goods is 7%. I am not entirely sure but I believe there is no sales tax on the cost of the car due to the COE and its high price. But I could be wrong. In which case add 7% to the 115,00 USD car cost.


By now you will have paid about 175,000 USD for a Subaru Legacy GT in Singapore. That price included the entitlement certificate, the cost of the car, the road tax and cost of insurance. And I am still unsure on the sales tax on the car. Should I go into discussing the price of gas and the tolls ? I figure not.


Anyways, Singapore is full of Subaru LEgacy GTs and STIs and Mitsubishi EVOs. Taxis are overwhelmingly Hyundai Sonata. But the single most popular car there is the BMW and there is one on every street corner. I wish I had the courage to look up the cost of a BMW in S'pore. Oh well here it is.



One thing I forgot to mention: the Singapore Dollar to US Dollar conversion. In December 2010 it was approx.

1.3 Singapore dollars = 1 USD

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Haha. I am a Singaporean but I am studying in the States.


Yes, cars are ridiculously expensive in Singapore. Houses are even more expensive than everything else.


A BMW is roughly about $150,000 USD and an apartment in Singapore can go up to $700,000 USD. :(

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