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2011 MCCA dates for HPR


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MCCA-- Multi-car Clubs Alliance is the 5th club in CAMA and is comprised of 8 individual clubs.


In case you can't make it to the open lapping days at HPR, consider coming out with some of the MCCA clubs. They are on the contact page of HPR. Each club has their own rules and requirements. Some require membership others don't.


Here's the MCCA schedule for HPR in 2011.

We have confirmed dates for the 2011 season at HPR.


MAY 21/22 - BMW/BMW


JUNE 4 - Z-Car(saturday)

JUNE 5 - Lotus(sunday)


JUNE 25 - CECA(saturday)


JULY 23/24 - USAudi/USAudi


SEPT. 10 - Z-Car(saturday)

SEPT. 11 - Alfa(sunday)


SEPT. 24 - CECA(saturday)

SEPT. 25 - BMW(sunday)



Darrel(z club)


Alfa Club, Karen McGowan



BMW Car Club of America - Rocky Mountain Chapter



CECA, Bill Miller



Colorado Viper Club






Lotus Club, John Arnold



Mercedes Benz Club, Ryan Bunn



Z Car Club Of Colorado


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I was just wondering what the HPR dates would look like this year. Thanks for posting up, Darrel!


Now we just need some LGT love at some of these. I'll make at least the two Z-Car runs, and maybe the BMW or Audi runs. We'll see how things play out in the spring.

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You'll have to contact bmw and audi, but I believe both groups require membership. The bmw school is booked except for a few sunday spots. I am sure there are plenty of spots left for audi. http://www.usaudiclub.com


But there is a school you may be interested in. RMVR(vintage) has a school combined with their competition school in May. The cost for that is $250 for 3 days of instruction(great deal). 2 days on track along with class room all three days. I'm not sure how much on track there will be friday and saturday, sunday may be used for help with the competition school with corner work, but you may still get on track, but not sure.



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Thanks Darrel for posting all the info. I registered for both days of the BMW club, and if you are not a member, you can still register, but you pay slightly more for the class. I've heard great things about the instruction at the BMW weekend, and I'd be down to caravan if anyone else is headed out there.
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The other MCCA clubs have spaces available, just pick out the date you want and contact the individual club for info.


Each of the clubs run safe and fun events and instruction is available. If you can't make it out to open lapping days you can still run with these other clubs.

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Less than a month to go for the Z club track event on June 4th. The Lotus club follows on Sunday.


If your schedule allows, hopefully you will be able to make it to some of or all of the MCCA events.

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My turbo arrived today, and will be going in on Monday. Should be good for the June 4th track day!


Any other LGTs able to join this round? Since Ross swapped, I've been the only Subaru... :(

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Roy has that info, so far 5 GT-R's with 15 cars total. The registrations are starting to come in, a week ago there was less than 10.


With the sponsorship with Boulder Nissan we should have plenty of track time and will have to go fill up with gas before the day is over. ;-)


We used to have a couple of regular wrx's. But I haven't seen them at our last couple of events. One I think his name is Eric and had a maroon wrx. The first track day at HPR with the z club his engine started knocking. I heard he had it fixed, but haven't seen him since. The other has a silver one and locked his keys in his car in one of our first two track events at HPR. I think it may have been the second one.


And we have BobbyC, but it's tough for him to get Saturday off.

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With less than a week to go, we have 36 registrations. The z car club has a limit of 50, but we probably won't turn anyone away if we get a few over.


If you are planning on coming out but haven't registered, bring your registration with you and get to the track early, 7am to sign up and get your car teched.


If you can't make the z club event, the lotus club has the track on Sunday.Hope to see you out there.

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Are there any events at the Colorado State Patrol track this year? I raced there a couple years ago and had a lot of fun. Finally got around to replacing my Stoptech rotors and I haven't managed to blow my motor yet and I've kinda got the itch to race.


I don't think HPR is for me. Too high speed, I'm not a fantastic driver, and my car heatsoaks at 112mph consistently (at the dragstrip).

My '05 LGT

My '07 Supercharged Shelby

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The z club doesn't have anything at the state patrol this year. Not sure about other clubs.


Come out to HPR anyway, even if you don't drive on the track, you might want to rethink HPR isn't for you. ;-)


We have a few experienced drivers to give you some pointers. Drag racing is a lot different, you don't get to cool down properly after running the 1/4. If you have driven the state patrol track, you'll do fine on HPR, especially with our group. Usually no more than 15 cars on the track at a time on a 2.5 mile track.

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You'd only have to worry about the main straight-away, but I bet you'd be hitting 120+ mph, so yes, overheating would be a concern. I usually hit around 110mph, but since you are making ~80whp more than me, I'm sure you'll be going much faster. :) But, you could always slow down for the one straight-away. :D
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We have two tech sessions in Arvada as noted below. We also have another location and date which is near Lincoln Ave and I25 in the south metro area. I believe that date is sept 3rd. If interested in that date and location let me know and I will get the specifics.





Track enthusiasts --


The Z Car Club of Colorado is hosting a track event on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at High Plains Raceway. Please consider joining us for this fun day on the track with your favorite car. We have run groups for all levels of experience, including first-timers. Attached you will find a copy of the track registration and tech inspection forms.


Tech inspections will be held at two locations as follows:

1) Sunday, September 4th, 10:00am - 2:00pm AND Wednesday, September 7th, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

5055 Tabor Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


2) An additional tech inspection will be scheduled for the south end of town for those who don't want to drive up north. DETAILS WILL



PLEASE try to make one of the tech inspections so we are not pressed for time to get the cars inspected on track-day. The more cars we have to inspect the morning of the event, the later we'll get on the track and, we charge an EXTRA $10.00 to tech your car at the track.


The concession stand will be open for business on track day if you wish to purchase food or drink.


Contact Roy Davis with any questions c-303-726-1644, w-303-445-3055, co300zxtt@hotmail.com


Mark your calendars and join us on September 10th for a great time. We look forward to seeing all of you!


Pam & Gary Bracken

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Spots still available for the z club If planning on going to the z club, bring your registration form with you to the track.


The Alfa club also has spots still open. Contact the Alfa club directly for their info.


Contact info in thread starter.

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Sadly, looks like work is going to interfere with track day next Saturday, so I won't be able to make it, once again. :( However, I'll be going out on the Open Lap day on September 16th, if anyone cares to join in the fun.
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