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KSport coilover rebuild


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I am currently in the process of getting my KSport coilovers rebuilt but am unsure if I am getting jerked around on price and what not. Really I am posting this for some insight on the break down of a coilover so I can maybe understand what pieces they are talking about and charging me for. Or if maybe these are pieces I could buy myself and just have them rebuild the shock. I am a noob when it comes to suspension components and would appreciate the help! :)
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Hey guys, my name's Matt and I'm the Director of Marketing and Media here at Ksport. I found this thread via Google, and figured I'd chime in. (Mods- I'm not here to sell anything or advertise, merely for support.)


As far as being "jerked around", I can assure you that Chris or whomever is taking care of your service request is being completely straightforward. I'm giving you my personal word on that.


We can't ever really tell how much work a set of coilovers is going to need until they're in the hands of a Ksport tech. Some coilovers have seized mounts, and our techs will try to break them loose.


Keep in mind that we are not charging labor for coilover rebuilds. If someone spends 20 minutes or 20 hours on your coilovers, you pay the same price. If your mounts are seized, then somebody here spent the time to try to break them loose and they didn't budge. At that point, we give you the option of purchasing mounts. If you're not interested in purchasing mounts, you could always have your coilovers shipped back, along with the new shocks, and try to swap them yourself.


Contact Chris in Service if you have any questions for him. Feel free to PM me with any questions. That goes for anyone, not just the OP.

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Matt, I have been in contact with Ksport for a while now. Originally I was very curious about the cost of rebuilding my coilovers. I communicated seperate times between telephone and email and was assured each time that if I sent my coilovers in that the rebuild price for the coilovers would be a set price of $110 per coilover for a full rebuild. Never was I informed that $110 covered only the shock. Your representatives even touched on the subject that there may be other things that need fixed on the coilovers, but when I asked what that means for me the only reply was directed towards turn around time and never covered that there may be a price difference. I was very careful in gathering the correct information before sending my coilovers in only to find that they would raise the price from what I was originally quoted.


With that information you may understand a little more why I would post the thread that I posted.

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I understand being frustrated, and I can definitely talk to everyone about being more concise about service pricing. I apologize for the confusion, but the options as far as your service remain the same. As I said last time, nobody at Ksport is going to try to "jerk around" a customer about service. Your options remain the same as far as service. If you want to have everything shipped back so you can try to remove the mounts, by all means, let Chris know and he'll ship it out the same day.


Unfortunately this IS the internet, and because of that... The above paragraph might sound like I'm coming off as a jerk... Please don't read it that way. That's my only complaint with forums... It's so easy to misunderstand the tone of someones writing lol! Feel free to give us a call if you want.



Ksport USA


matt .at. ksportusa.com

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