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Ive been throwin out a bunch of shafty posts, so Ill just stick to this thread/topic :rolleyes:


I need heads. phase 2 heads. That flow damn fine!


2.5" exhaust

ej22e Phase 1 block

ej22t Pistons

ej22t crankshaft

Turbo 15 psi, ish(Can my vf11 do it! I doubt it...)


Im building it(obviously) ANY ADVICE will be helpful!

I ended up buying so much extra SHIT for my turbo project, its retarded.

So I feel the need to be annoying and ask!


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Well I know that lower is better when turboing, but people are saying that with to low of compression the power will suffer.. Wrong? The 22t pistons will lower it already to 8 something and if I used ej25 heads it would drop it even lower....... I don't understand it that well :)
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You can run higher compressions with turbos, it just really comes down to how tune savvy you (or your tuner) is. Higher compressions increase the chance of detonation. In theory you can tune to avoid this, but I think it's generally considered easier to tune a lower compression motor when boosting. If you want a higher effective compression ratio, just run a slightly higher boost.
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