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Suspension Compatability

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Does anyone know what struts would be compatible with the Legacy?


Or shocks, springs, tophats, sway bars, control arms...anything suspension wise?


There's a 98 Forester in the junk yard and I didnt get to see how many miles it had on it or if it had the struts or if they're any good, but if they were good would they be compatible with a 1990 AWD Legacy Wagon? What would need to be changed out?


(It was in the gated section and they'd let me back there if I needed them, but I didnt check last time so I'm not sure they're any good anyway. Just getting ideas for a new suspension as mine is looking dated.)


If by chance they were capable of working on the Legacy (I've heard they can work on a WRX) would it lift the car a lot? Make it stiffer? Make it less stable while cornering?

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