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Electrical problems

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Hi im new here


i have a 1990 legacy awd

and it runs like a champ...however

the heat blower motor does not work

the tach quit

gas gauge doesnt work all the time

and the auto seatbelts dont either

nor the sunroof

i need the gas and blower motor to work

is this a computer problem? no enginne light is on and cant find any codes being thrown. any ideas?

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The blower motors go out. It's an easy swap though. Maybe a 20 minute job.

No clue about the tach unless the speedo went out too :/

The gas gauge thing happened with my friend. After 50 miles it'd say it was

empty from full. Just something he dealt with. Maybe the float in the fuel pump

is bad.

As long as the auto seatbelts are stuck in the up position I wouldnt worry about it.

My passenger side is broken and I love that it is since my door lock broke the other day and I have to unlock the passenger side to get in.

The sunroof may work if you hit right behind it on the roof. My friend used to do that all the time with his. As long as it doesnt leak I wouldn't use it anymore.


I'd say take out the blower motor and test it on the battery to see if it will spin. (it jumps pretty hard so hold on tight) If it works it's probably the connectors on the back of the a/c knobs.


The gas...maybe a new fuel pump? That's my only idea. I'm not too sure about that one.


I doubt the computer is the issue. It's a 20 year old car. Those things seem more common from what I'm seeing. Good luck, dude.

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