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Rear sway bar

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So recently I've been wanting to change out the rear sway bar of the Legacy and I'm wondering what else will fit and be an upgrade. The one that comes on my 90 looks weenie haha


Anyone know any thicker ones or ones from newer Legacy's that would fit our first gens?

I've heard that 90-91 is different than 92-99. Not sure if this is valid.

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90-91 and 92-99 rear swaybars are different.


The 90-91 uses a droplink setup that goes into a hole in the rear trailing arm. 92-99 uses the C-links that are found on most newer Subarus. Swaybars might be interchangeable, some 92MY cars might have the older style bars. More details of the differences can be found here:



That sucks :/ Guess I'm sticking with stock. Thanks

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