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May be going from 04 impreza to 05 LGT... Advice?


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next question to the lgt community.. what starts to become concearning at 115k miles.. found a 1 owner bsm lgt with 115k miles going for $10,875.. Not ideal miles, but seems to be a nice price. maybe i could force them to throw in some sort of warranty?
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oh and didnt know that about the intakes, F-WDC Spec B, good to know though. when you say in the long run... would this mean that if i were to revert to stock intake... some damage will have been done already, however its not the end of the world??


noob question alert: why specifically the stock down pipe? is that just a good indicator of other mods likely done? or does that cause specific issues?


thanks again to everyone helping me out here.

havent gotten to take another look at this specific one yet. but i did test drive another. it was love. :wub: with the LGT in general... not so much that specific one.



Its not the end of the world so i wouldnt worry about it. unless you hear knocking. then your valves might be bent. due to excess heat and possibly improper timming with the extra air from the intake.


The downpipe swap is a very common mod among the community. our basic power mods goes

Stage 1 - Tune

Stage 2 - DP and tune


a cb is not major mod and not even required for stage 2.

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