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Oil light/ Oil Pump

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I haven't done one, but its right on the front of your motor. Remove the necessary items to do a timing belt, and remove the crank pulley for the belt and unbolt it from the front of the engine, It will slide off the front of the crank.


I know thats not the best walk through but it gives you an idea of what needs to be done.


Basic steps not getting indepth include, Drain coolant, Pull radiator, Remove front accessory Belts, remove crank pulley, remove timing belt covers, Remove timing belt, remove crank belt drive pulley, and then remove oil pump.


I may be missing something so hopefully someone who's done one chimes in.

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Oil light usually means loss of oil pressure. Unless you're bleeding oil from the front of your engine to the point that you have no oil getting around the rest of the engine, I'd doubt it's the oil pump. My bet is either on the oil pressure switch disconnected/failed or on the pickup. If the pickup - it's time for a Killer B replacement, not an OEM one.


That said, here's what you need instruction-wise.


Oil pump replacement, Oil strainer (pickup); Oil Pressure Switch

04 - Oil Pump.pdf

05 - Oil Pan and Strainer.pdf

06 - Oil Pressure Switch.pdf

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I'd go with putting a direct reading gauge in where the oil pressure switch is and see what's really happening.


Odds are the pick tube is cracked and bleeding off oil from the pan before it gets to the pump.


How many miles on the engine ?


Good Luck

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The oil pressure light comes on at RIDICULOUSLY low pressures. Something like 2.5psi, way too low for proper engine operation.
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