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Zero Sports Single Gauge Pod


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So I have a pending question in to a few vendors asking if this pod is hollow or solid. If it is solid, I can sand the radii of the pod to fit flush with the dash. We will see what their input is.


05silverscubie, funny you ask. I actually started modeling up some pods for windshield/maplight area using CAD. I will try to post pictures in the next day or so.


I have a few other designs I have been looking into also such as a dual gauge pod that sits on the bottom of the steering column (angle up slightly and visible through the spokes of the steering wheel) as well as a vertical dual pod that would integrate into the dash off to the right of the stereo/AC control center, a great option for Spec B owners with Navi


I have priced out a few plastic injection mold companies and generally, a quantity of 25 people (minimum order size) would be needed to go through with the idea.

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So I got one of the "above mirror dual pods" that's for the WRX. Won't fit above the leggy's rear view mirror but looks like with a little bit of trimming, it will fit just to the right of the mirror and snug if trimmed right. I held it up there and the visor still comes down without an issue too.
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