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GI: Agency Power Exhaust in NC


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So I am thinking about buying a high dollar exhaust because I have always wanted the Apexi N1 Evo for the look, and I like to change it up sometimes for my own satisfaction. Or maybe I'm just a brand whore. Anyways, I have an Agency Power exhaust that has been professionally modified by RJ's custom piping with only tig welds and stainless piping to fit perfectly. I am gauging interest to see if anyone locally would be interested in this exhaust, because I have no desire to ship this. The midpipe to y-pipe flange was removed due to interference with the driveshaft, so this long piece would be especially difficult to ship. The hangers on the cans have been bent to make the fitment to the bumper closer, and the tips have been polished with metal polish to remove most of the 'burnt' titanium look (this look can be brought back with a torch). I have a shop that I can install this for the buyer if the buyer would like to explore this option. I was thinking of selling this for $600, or $650 installed. Please let me know if you are interested, this will most likely not be coming off for about another month at least. I am located in Raleigh, NC.







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