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Conti DWS's on 16" WRX Rims


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So someone decided to take what looks like a screwdriver into the sidewall of my RE-92's.


I have a $500 dollar budget (including mount and balance) for some All-Season tires. I was going to go with the Conti DWS's as they seem to be one hell of a tire for the price.


My only concern is people say they don't feel good in the corners. They say they put more air into the tire and it feels good.


Any input?

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I have the tires and compared to stock 2.5i tires, they are 2000% better. The wall isn't soft for me at all but I have bumped the PSI a little but even with them at 32 psi, it's soft. So far in rain and dry the tires are amazing. Quiet, smooth and cheap.


I am waiting for winter to roll in before saying how good they are in snow!

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