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07 Liberty 3.0R Premium

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Hi All,


Sorry if this is a complete noob question.


I've got a 07 Liberty 3.0R Premium with McIntosh sound system.


The front of the panel clearly marks that MP3/ WMA is supported.


However, I cannot for the life of me get the MP3 function to work. Whether or not I burn the CDs with or without subfolders etc. it just does not want to work. The device somehow thinks it is an ordinary audio cd and tries to play it as one - of course no sound comes out of the system.


It is clearly not the CD-Rs that I am using because when I use the same CD-Rs to burn an audio cd it works fine.


If anyone has this system, could you provide me with the following tips:

- Burning Type (i.e. track at once/ disk at once)

- File Naming (i.e. maximum number of characters, etc.)

- Subfolders (i.e. is this supported, how many, how many characters)

- Mode 1/ Mode 2 XA

- File System Format (i.e. ISO9660, ISO9660+Joliet, ISO9660:1999)


Your assistance is much appreciated! It will save me from pulling out my hair!





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are you burning as a data disc or music disc? You would also need to finalize the disc when done. The folder thingy im not too sure about. I use IMGBURN and just burn a data disc onto a cd-r without changing any other settings.


for what its worth these are the default settings it uses:


ISO09660 + UDF (version 1.02)

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also, it WILL NOT play DRM'd (digital right managed) files.


If you use Windows, just drag and drop the files to a folder and burn, if you make sub folders you should be able to use the up and down arrows (category/folder) to switch through them. As mentioned make sure you are choosing Data if it's an option.


If you use a mac or itunes, you can export them as data (I think it's an option under one of the menus options)


A quick test may be to import a few files from a CD you own. Doing this should import them without any drm, then copy those files as data to a disc.


... I should note I have a USDM Legacy with a Kenwood (I think) system, but I'm sure they are similar.

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After a lot more trial and error (and a lot of wasted CDs) I finally cracked it!


Nero was burning using a standard known as ISO 9660:1999 - this extension isn't supported by the McIntosh Sound System. You must either use ISO 9660 (pure) or combine it with the Joliet extension or the UDF extension (either Joliet or UDF seems to work fine for me).


I am posting this here so that anybody else who has the same problem as me knows how to fix it.

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