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5mt swap info?

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I am able to get my hands on everything i need from an outback to do a 5mt swap, but I can't seem to find a really good how-to or even a definitive parts list, am I missing something? As far as I can find I need:


-Rear Differential

-Drive shaft

-Shift Linkage

-Full Pedal Assembly

-Clutch Master Cylinder

-Slave Cylinder

-Clutch Lines

-Flywheel/ clutch/ pilot bearing/ throwout bearing

and I am unsure of the following:

-Transmission Cross Member, I have been told it should be the same?


also, exactly what modifications do I need to make to the electronics?

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i just got done doing this to a 90 nissan 300zx, still havent gotten around to electronics parts yet but it runs and drives, i installed a push button to bypass the safey neutral switch.



i think the hardest part of the swap was doing the Pedal Assembly not enough room

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The Subaru Auto ABS receives a signal from the TCU, removing the signal trips the ABS light and turns off the ABS. From what i can tell, if you leave the TCU in place and ground the proper wires to "fool" the TCU into thinking all is normal the ABS will still work.
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Good to know this is do-able but you guys think it's easier to just buy a 5spd? I am looking for one but they are marked up about 1500 more than autos....


They are hard to find. And when you do find them they are marked up with high miles.

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