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New Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus'!


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Well, at 36500 miles the RE-92A's had to go. I need something a little better in snow so I dug around on Tirerack and decided on these. A few observations: These tires make a peculiar noise as they roll on the pavement, almost like they're 'tacky'. Also, the steering response is a little twitchy. Almost like they have a little less forgiveness if not exactly straight. I am looking forward to how they handle the rain and snow though! And, they look aggressive as hell!LOL! That's not bad at all.
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Dave -


I'm guessing the tires still only have a few hundred miles on them?


Alot of times you'll get noise + steering twitchiness and other side effects on brand new tires before they get about 300-500 miles on them. The steering at least should straighten out.


Try playing with the tire pressures a bit too....some tires are picky.

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