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(Innovate) Gauges for Thermocouple input, etc..


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Hey guys,


Im Stage3 and Shamar tuned on my OBXT, and Im really happy.

I did everything road tuned, with an Innovate LC-1 and Bosch O2 sensor hooked up to my laptop. He did a great great job.


So now, im getting 2x XD-16 gauges to measure the A/F all the time, and Boost.

Innovate sells the AUX Box with a MAP sensor built in, and you can just send a line over to it.. and get MAP monitoring for boost.


It also has inputs for Thermocouple, accelremoter, etc. (Do I need these... what could I also monitor, that the OBD2 on the cobb wont tell me)


Aux Box



This guy hooks up to the OBD and shows you most of the COBB AP data on your iphone, and the other innovate sensors like A/F, Boost, etc.

Pretty cool


OT-2 for Iphone




But what do you think, I could always buy the cheaper SSI-4 and a MAP sensor and just use one channel for boost, and leave the others blank.





A little bit cheaper than going LM-3(AuxBox) $249 vs the SSI-4 and MAP ($180 total)


I guess my question is... would I need that AUX Box with all those sensors built in... to measure anything really useful... If YES< then ill do it


But Im gonna get that Iphone OT-2 box and that will give me all the OBD2 information also


Sorry if its confusing.. some one is definitely running all this stuff here, and knows the major differences to help me.



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Given how much hassle electrical noise tends to be on Innovate products, I would stay away from the aux box. Why do you need it? The XD-16 works well, mostly because it uses a serial connection to the LC1 rather than using an analog signal.


It sounds like you already have an AP. Why not use a permanent mounting solution and reading everything except the wideband off of that? As for EGT, well there's a factory sensor if you haven't eliminated it. But you still don't need to look at it much.

On the search for a new DD...
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