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Painted my winter wheels....thoughts?


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Just wanted to post some pics of my painted winter wheels. There used to be flat black and I was tired of them. They also had some chips and dings so I wanted to do something different. These are going on my OBP LGT Sedan. I have center cap decals that are black with a gold Sti logo. They are from ebay and are probably junk but we'll see.


I cleaned the wheels and sanded them with 180 grit. I used the Krylong Rust Tought primer and 5 coats of the metallic gold.


I used the syringe to fill in the logo with black paint and used the 2" masking tape for obvious reasons.


I just hope this paint holds up. I didnt like how dark the Duplicolor bronze was and on top of that not stores sold anything other than their black and graphite.


and yes I know, I painted the valve stems - IDIOT

Ill post pics once they are on the car.






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Meh, they don't look bad.


I kind of want to find a set of beat up 17's for winter use and paint them something interesting. Day-Glo orange or something. Who cares what winter wheels look like?

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I think they look good. A nice attempt, for sure.

Q: How do those Michelin's work in the Pitt winters?



They work fine. I got a set of 4 from a member on here delivered to my door step for $350. They were used for about 5,000 miles or less so I couldn't beat it. I had the same times for 3 previous winters too.

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