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My uppipe leak story and question about heatsheild


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Tackled an annoying uppipe leak that was getting really loud. My crucial racing copper manifold to uppipe gasket disintegrated (See pics) . All that was left was one small piece. I used a temporary gasket from Vibrant I found at pepboys but have a Grimmspeed 2x thick gasket on order . Hopefully that will eliminate my leak as it's much better but still leaks a bit. I had to completely remove the existing heatshield on the Manifold leading to the uppipe since it rusted at attachment points and was rattling like crazy. I'm concerned about heat melting the undertray or heating up the oil in the oil filter so I'm either going to fabricate a new one or wrap the mani in thermotec wrap. Anyone do this?







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Glad it all worked out, i keep hearing good things about the double sized grimmspeed gasket. They have solved a local members leak issue on the up to mani connection.

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R.I.P Coxx

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Yes but it swllowed it and now completely digested. I was literally afraid to start the car after I found the gasket disintegrated.

Update, still have a tiny leak . Sprayed soapy water to confirm . Almost minimal though and way better than before. I think the UP is slightly warped. I have another Idea to fix it

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