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Flush mount rear cam, in the rear bumper or trunk lid ?


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I am about to drill a hole in the back of the car for a back up cam. Sucker is big, but flush mount, (1.25" diameter and 2" depth).


I am trying figure out where it would be less damaging to install.


I could go into bumper skin "B"

, or trunk lid "A",

or bottom diffuser "C"


Just not sure which area will be easiest to fit the cam, which requires the least amount of damage to car. (I know I am drilling a hole).


Thanks for any tips



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I'd think C would get dirty faster.


Test your camera in the rear camera input that you'll actually be using before you run the wires or drill holes. People have bought cameras that didn't work with the OEM Navi (but didn't realize it until after they had drilled, cut, glued, etc.).

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I have a custom setup for carpc, and tested the aux input on my lilliput, so the camera is good to go.


I'm leaning towards "A" , just wasn't sure how many layers of metal I'd be drilling through.


Thanks and good point about it getting dirty.

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this is the cam I got, if you don't need the IR, you can get a cheaper CCD, that is also much smaller footprint.


NIght vision is actually very very good on this, and image is sharp from the CCD chip.


Lilliput i have 669 and has a aux input wire, 12v off the reverse wire, send it to video 2. So its all automatic. Hope that helps

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