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I know this is child's play for most of you guys, but yesterday I installed my first modification - a drop in K & N filter.


The low end throttle response is insane. I've had to adjust my driving style just so I'm not squealing my tires every time I'm turning right or left from a stop. I can get into boost almost instantly from any speed.


I feel like I've gone from having a spirited grocery getter to a powerful car.

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Maybe if you went from a clogged paper filter to a K&N. I just did the same thing. I went from a perfectly clean paper filter to a dry synthetic filter. I got a bit more engine growl and turbo noise (what I wanted) and possibly some more throttle response. The truth is that I didn't notice more power, I just heard the waste gate dumping air and I can pretend that I have a big turbo supra for about 2 seconds. On my last car, I noticed a big difference between the paper filter and a cotton one, but it was a NA mini cooper. 5hp extra on a 90hp engine is considerably more noticeable than a similar gain on a 250hp engine. My subi just sounds faster now.
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