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1999 legacy gt questions

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hi, i am looking to trade for a 1999 legacy gt. i was just wondering, are they easy to modify (will there be significant hp gains)? also, does the gt have a turbo? thanks


the one i am looking at is an auto. would like a manual but this is the best i can get. any info will help.

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Common modifications to the engine include an MSD ignition coil swap from a Dodge Neon or Eagle Talon, lightweight or underdrive crank/alternator/power steering pulley's, intakes, and exhausts. You can get more serious by taking the engine apart with polished cranks, Eagle conrods, JE pistons, and Xcelleration cams and whatnot, but that's costly and time consuming for a daily driven car.


Common suspension modifications include WRX/STI struts, Whiteline Racing sway bars, and Whiteline Racing suspension bushings. Lots of WRX suspension parts will fit onto the second gen Legacy.


Common brake modifications include WRX brakes, drilled or slotted rotors, expensive pads, and stainless steel brake lines.


The second gen GT does not have a turbo. The first generation Legacy had a turbocharged option in the United States from 1991-1994. After that the turbo was removed until the 4th Generation Legacy was released in 2005. Legacy models in other countries had different engine options, some of which were turbocharged. That leaves the second and third generation United States version of the Subaru Legacy turbo-less for 11 years between 1994-2005.


There really isn't a difference between the 2.5L engine in the regular second generation Legacy and the GT. The main differences between a regular EJ25 powered second gen and the GT include rims, spoiler, hood scoop, one or two body parts, badges, and interior options. The GT was more well equipped than a base model 2.2L or 2.5L Legacy, and they look sweet too.


Check the head gaskets before you buy the car. Make sure there is no coolant in the oil and that the car doesn't overheat before putting any money down. The EJ25 engine can get hungry for head gaskets but once they've been replaced its possible that they can go for the rest of the cars life with no troubles. Sometimes they hold, sometimes they don't.


Still, the 2.5L GT is a good car (And a sharp looking one at that) that will give you years and years of enjoyment. If the gaskets are still good or if you can find out if they've been replaced its certainly a car worth buying.

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You're not gonna make this a fast car without putting in a new engine. The EJ25 cannot simply be turboed. It can be done, but it is much cheaper just to get an engine from a WRX or '05+ Legacy GT.


I found the 4 speed auto in my first Legacy GT to be chunky, sloppy, and slow. It took me 9 months to get a hold of a stick, this was 6 years ago, but it is more responsive, more efficient, and way more fun.

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