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dusty stock pads?


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i've only had the LGT 5 days and i've already cleaned the wheels twice. :mad: i hope they settle down, or i'm getting new pads sooner rather than later.


does EBC make Green's or Red's for '05 LGT's?

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I have 15000 miles on my mine and drive 90 miles a day and the brake dust is minimal. Maybe a bad set is on your car.


you drive city or mostly highway? i'm mostly city.


i'll give them another week or two and see how things go.....

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Endless SS-M, SS-Y, and SS-S pads = 1% dust... they are virtually dust-free, especially the SS-M pads that I have.




what would you recommend for "enthusiastic" street driving (no autocross, racing)?


also do you have part #'s? the Endless website sucks - only shows pads for older Legacy's.

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