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Stock 07 spec.B ride height.


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So, I was reading about the Rallitek springs and there was a photo of a stock spec.B to show the rideheight. Mine sits much lower, so I'm thinking the previous owner replaced the springs.


Picture from RalliTek thread:



My spec.B:



My car looks noticeably lower.


The mystery:

The previous owner, while not exactly babying the car, doesn't seem to have modded the car any. All heatshields are present and other indications of modding are not present.


The struts look like regular yellow Bilsteins; no coilovers.


The springs are black, no numbers on them that I can see, or extra coils that you tend to find on aftermarket springs. The driver's side spring has a white (or very light pink) paint splotch which is how Subaru tends to mark their parts.


The car rides really smooth, and it still has a lot of pitch/roll.


Three years is not enough for this much sag.



So, every indication is that the car has the stock springs, which doesn't jive with the ride height. Now don't get me wrong, I like the ride height. I think it's nearly perfect (could be a smidge lower in the front.) But I'd like to know what I'm starting with before I get to modding.


If someone has a 2007 spec.B still on the stock suspension, could you please measure from the center of the hub up to the fender directly above? I want to see just how much below stock this car currently is.



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Weird.. I'm sure I posted a reply.. Oh well. Reply take 2.


Thanks for the vacation pix. They're great.


I'm amazed by the allowable variances (almost 1.5"). I'm riding at 14.5" front and 14" rear, so I'm within spec. But I've never seen a suspension vary that much between cars before. Well, its good to know.

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