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Bad AC relay replaced... But now overheating?

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My AC was dead but got it fixed... It was a bad relay under the steering column.


But now, the car is overheating. Any chance the shop forgot to reconnect something? I took it back and they couldn't figure it out.


Was the car not used to it? Needed time to adjust to 110 degree heat? AC was out for about 2 weeks. Had radiator replaced about 1 month ago. Car was working fine the whole time.


It seemed to settle down after a while.


I guess I'll update after another day. Also, it threw a CEL and a blinking cruise.

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I took it back to the shop and they told me the cooling fan relay was melted together. They replaced the relay, but the ECM is not grounding coil side of relay.


It is the exact problem described in recall WVB-12 but that is for manual trans. and I have an Auto.


Is there anything I can do?

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What are you looking for? I checked TSB's and not much A/C wise that would have to do with your problem.


There is a TSB on fan relay two, but looks like it can short the ecm fan control and the fan stays on all the time when the motor is running (not much cause for overheat though)

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