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GI: Trade for Rims/Brakes?


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So yeah I've been thinkin about this for a long time, and i guess i would like to know if there is even interest in something like this. Basically I dont need my brakes/rims & would like to go back to stock. Was thinking giving these to someone for some stock stuff + cash, thereby transforming me into stock looking again.


1) Black Brembo Brakes ... about 45k miles on them (2nd set of pads now), never been to the track or anything...

2) Volks LE28 18x8.5 on 245/45/18 RE01R tires.


What would be a reasonable amount of money coming to me for a trade of the sort? If anyone is even in the market for such things of course.

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Just a quick look-around the SOLD forums i have come up w/these numbers. Lemme know if they're fair?


1) Brembo BBK for Stock + $1500

2) Volks+Tires for Stock 18+Tires + $500 (or something like stock? Maybe Rotas?)

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