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Brake biasing valve


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I am curious to know if anyone has experience with installing a brake bias proportioning valve. I would like to experiment with adding a bit more rear brake bias by using one. I am also thinking about permanently upgrading the rears since I have the Wilwood 4 pot calipers up front. Hoping RPA Performance is still working on their rear upgrade...
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no experience with them on the legacys. i'm not really too familiar with the brake setups on them yet. But what I know of the proportioning valves is that they only restrict line pressure, so you would really want the valve on the front braking circuit to kick the bias towards the rear more. That is unless you are going all out on a track car and are installing some after-market master cylinders...


here is one that should meet your requirements, poke around on Ap's site, there is alot of info




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