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Website coming soon...

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It's still in the development stages, but is coming along well. I'll keep you posted. :)


I will remake the tutorial videos and add how the etuning process works (which I will be offering for a low rate)

There will also be a forum, for discussions, questions ect. I'm excited. Get ready for Scooby Tuning!


Take a look, let me know what you think (remember there are a lot of changes and editing to do. The web designer has pretty much set everything up. I just give him things to correct, but he's doing a great job)


Sorry if the site goes down, he may be editing at that time.

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nearly finished. I will make better and more tutorial videos, but the basic layout is there. I'll be making small changes here and there, but you get the idea. Feedback would be appreciated. Keep in mind, I will be making basic how-to and other vidoes.

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