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Anyone running the Yakima Holdup hitch mount bike rack?

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I'm interested in purchasing a 2010 Yakima Holdup bike rack for my '05 wagon. What I need to know is whether I can fit my car in the garage with it mounted...


I only have a couple feet behind my car right now and want to know how long the rack is in the 'folded up' position.


The ideal measurement would be from the center of the receiver pin to the rearmost portion of the rack.


If anyone is running this rack on their sedan or wagon and can take that measurement, I would greatly appreciate it.



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Have you checked Yakima's website? When you do their fit guide, they give you a pdf of recommened mesaurements.


I used their measurements for my Legacy sedan... I use the steel heed bike rack and the fat cat snow rack.


This is the second car Ive used my Yakima rack system on and my advice to you is to not stray too far from their measurements... If you go too wide or too narrow the Q-Clips become unstable.

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