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Desperate search for catback compatible with 3.0R D=


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Im located North New Jersey, and looking, with no luck as of yet, to find a catback exhaust that fits the 3.0R. Does anyone know if I were to just buy a 2.5GT compatible what would have to be done to make it fit my H6?


Also Im looking for a place North Jersey, Southern New York, that can do intake systems, exhaust, and hopefully a good dyno tune?


Please anyone with any info help me out please.


thanks in advance


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i look at it this way; im going to have this car hopefully for the rest of its life, and would like to do some modding, for my own enjoyment.

an H6 should still see some decent gains from intake/exhaust, and to be honest the stock sound of the 3.0 is kind of annoying, and whiny. with a tune thats just the starting point.


if i had the money id get a supercharger in a second

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