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New uppipe smoking?


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i just installed a catless uppipe and downpipe last night. on the way home there was smoke billowing out from under the hood. i was quessing its from the new piping and should happen for a few heat cycles. i thought this was from the catted Perrin downpipe, but its definately coming from the uppipe.


i have a Prodrive with the flex joint.


ive worked on many cars over the years and know what new exhausts smell like and expect a 'little' smoke, but this is strange.


anyone else experience this?


TIA, Bob

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Just installed Invidia UP/Catted DP, mine smoked for like 1 or 2 cycles because of the oil I used for the install-breaking the bolts loose. Probably nothing to worry about, wait a while before you think you broke something.
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yes, sorry about the dual threads. i havnt verified that i actually broke the plugs, but im sure i did as i didnt need any PB Blaster. everything came off easy.


i should have just ordered everything from Fred Beans. my stupid ass local dealer said last thursday that he would have them today. and now today says, "they were redirected from the west coast" and i wont have them til thursday. :spin:


everyone on the west side of cleveland knows when ANYONE at Ganley Subaru/VW is lying because their mouths are moving!! :rolleyes:

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