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DC Sports header...anyone???


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I have installed two sets of eBay headers and three eBay uppipes. All fit fine with a Grimmspeed 2x thick gasket. $30 uppipe, $40 header and $20 gasket make a great deal.


I just installed ebay headers and up pipe on my friends 05 this weekend. They needed some persuasion to go on but finally got it. He's got the EZR DP also with GMS CBE it sounds so good I want to change out my catted DP for the EZR.


NOTE. His ebay headers came with a non flex joint up pipe btw.

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M2 is the brand that makes them. Meng Header is the manufacturing Plant in China. Many sellers on eBay pushing the product. So many that M2 now has a website, lol.

Did you ever dyno that EL header? I am curious to see its performance relative to stock and the Perrin ($$$).

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I bought EL and UEL. The EL are on my dads car. No dyno or before after because I installed the headers, uppipe, and downpipe all at the same time.


The UEL are on LALGT's car. I also installed these with the uppipe and downpipe. No before/after. But from the results of his tune looks like they were good for a few extra torque.


They were not listed as M2. Thats just who makes them. Almost all of them are made by Meng Header. Meng is the largest producer of exhaust manifolds in the world.


Here is a link to a thread I started about the headers and uppipe.



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