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Thoughts on this car?

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Hi all -

We've been a Volvo family for years; our 97 850 T5 wagon is at 170K and we're about ready to make a change. What I really want next is a 06-07 V70R, but those are pretty big bucks.


Then I remembered lusting after the LGT wagons a few years back, and thought I'd look into it again. Lo and behold, they're more affordable than I expected.


Here's the car in question:



New Turbo, New Timing Belt, Tensioner & Bearings, New Water Pump, New Thermastat, New Oil Pump, All Fluids, New Air & Cabin Filters, New Tires

Oil pump? That seems scary. From searching here, I get the idea that maybe it's a pickup issue?


The other thing that's scary is buying from a dealer. 30 cars in 20 years of driving, and I have yet to do that. On the other hand, it can be pretty hard to find a niche car around here. Still sucks getting stuck with licensing and sales tax on $12K. :mad:


So, here's my questions:

1) does this seem a fair price?

2) I'm used to Volvo's longevity. 104K on one of those is just about broken in. Assuming typical repair and maintenance stuff, will this be solid for another 50K?

3) How's safety, reliability, fit, finish supposed to be on these cars?


I figure it's best to get an inside opinion before checking the car out. Hate to let the dealer spin me a yarn and fall in love with an overpriced turkey.


We don't need a new car right away, and can afford to wait. How likely do you suppose I am to find one for sale by owner in the near term?


Many thanks for any input.

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The oil pump is a normal exchange on many subaru's when the timing-belt cover comes off. The cost of the car is relative to what its worth to you. I don't think you'll find many LGT's in decent shape for less.


I had an 07 Legacy, I believe that it was a good car... no problems or concerns. I think the 05 Legacy should be good for another 100k miles if you take care of it.

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