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2008 2.5i SE 5MT in AutoX (Videos)

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3 videos in the link. Car did okay, but the course was set up for high-HP cars.


In the past, AWD was a huge advantage on that course/track, but that was not the case this weekend. I had no power to accellerate rapidly out of the turns.


Being able to lay on the power where the course straightened out would have helped a lot.

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do you have any suspension mods or are you bone stock?
I "upgraded" to a Legacy GT RSB and installed stock LGT front struts with Tein H-Tech springs. Rear struts/springs are stock 2.5i parts. Tires are 215/45/17 BFG g-Force T/As on Rota SDRs. Stock calipers and pads.
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I disagree that they are considered to be the same:




GT RSB and Front Struts are generally accepted as being the same exact parts as 2.5i. Do you have a comparison pic of the rear sway bar? Maybe they are different but nobody's really proven it.

I measuered the diameters of the 2 bars, and the GT bar was 1mm thicker than the stock 2.5i RSB.


As far as the struts, I doubt that there is a difference between 2.5i and GT struts (though they do have different part numbers, so maybe the valving is different). I only used the GT struts because I bought a complete front strut assembly (L&R) complete with bearings/tophats/etc. so that I could do a full swap-in/swap-out of my suspension.


I left my 2.5i parts fully assembled and installed the Teins on the spare set, then plopped the full assembly into the car without needing to disassemble my stock parts. It makes it easier to go back to stock when I sell.

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