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Question about camber kits.


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I was in an accident 2 weeks ago and apparently they couldnt get the right front camber within specs, so they installed a camber kit, which I dont know what kind of kit it is because I havent gotten my car back yet, but do any of you think this is a problem? Or would it depend on what kind of camber kit was installed? I am hopefully getting my car back tomorrow and can look and hopefully be able to see exactly what they installed, I was told the kit was like $89.99. I googled it and cant find any camber kits around that price. They are either much cheaper or a lot more expensive.


If anyone can offer any info on what this might be I would appreciate it.

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The front camber can be adjusted by rotating an eccentric bolt on the bottom of the strut, where it attaches to the hub/knuckle. I guess they make bolts to give more than stock adjustment.



I forgot what I was supposed to remember.
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