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1997 Legacy GTB: Two cylinders cut out when engine heats up

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Hi, hoping someone out there can help/ give some thoughts


I have a 1997 legacy gt-b station wagon


took it in 2 months ago to get a new clutch (flywheel etc). picked up car and car stopped on way home (5 mins later). shop gave me a tow. Engine was misfiring, then cut out completely. engine really underpowered (snails pace).


wary that it might have been something they did, shop took it back, plugged in their computer thing and it told them that it was air intake sensor. so they changed it. did not work. still worried they 'went over it with a fine tooth comb' and could not find anything mechanical. they passed it to an electircal specialist who went over grounding etc etc (not sure what else, but they had it for months).


Have just asked thrid outfit to stop working on car...they had no luck


Here's what they have done..

- checked cam angle sensor ... ok electrically

- rechecked grounding... no noise, no grounding.

- gone though all plugs pulling out, putting back... nothing

- swapped computer ... no difference

- did compression test ... all good.

- took out intercooler, checked wires etc. ...ok


Apparently (i learnt today) there WAS a problem with grounding of gearbox from clutch replacement, but they have fixed it. could this have blown something else?


My current understanding is that car idles ok, but when it gets hot two cylinders cut out. When system goes into closed loop mode timing on cylinders goes haywire. have computer outputs if any use.


any clues anyone? Cash all out so one my own now.


...and if any wants a project in auckland...to sort out car (i have lined up a replacement) get in touch. pleeeeeeease!

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Would seem that a sensor has failed. Start testing temperature sensors,throttle position sensor ETC.

I take it that someone has checked that the timing belt didn't jump.

Did the car run alright when you first picked it up? I mean, before it quit on you.

If so,then I'd very much suspect a sensor. Check all fuses and relays as well.

Is the intake plumbing properly installed? If the engine is sucking air from anywhere but through the air flow sensor the engine will run like crud.


Just a few thoughts.


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Thanks tons...


Car was dodgy when i picked it up - thats why ireckon its something that the clutch-change guys did/ didn't do. But I dunno.


On the timing belt: 'concept' of this has been explained to me in part. its a mechanical component right? what might cause it to jump? is this something i can check out myself?


am assuming that 'intake plumbing properly installed given time and money that has gne into trying to sort car. Again, is this something I can check myself???

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  • 2 weeks later...

monkeys at the shop...took to another place...seems it WAS the timing belt. all the stuff about cylinders cutting out when hot was mislead. hummmm????


thanks 'guest user' (whoever you may be). prob of done the timing belt myself. lesson learnt.


another question...given all stuff done to the car (now) is there any reason why fuel consumption shoud have gone up? i can practically see the fuel needle dropping...i might just be imagining it i guess.

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Nah, didn't see timing belt. apparently tensioner was a bit loose or something that caused it to jump a notch. would like to understand how that would happen but at the mo am just happy to have car again. bit mindful though that could happen again.


on the fuel consumption, just refilled tank and took it on highway. touch wood it all looks ok. Could dropping fuel needle maybe something to do with engine being run on idle for so many hours over last few months by various mechanics- could this affect fuel performance? Dunno - highway sprint cleared things ot maybe (i'm guessing! ha ha!)


will run tank out and see how many mpg i get, luckily had been working it out before i got into mess and was getting around 22 miles per (us) gallon. fingers crossed will be same ...or better given they seem to have changed everthing in engine.

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I'd imagine some kind of a tune-up like that would get you some better mileage. if you're looking for any more, go through the basics: air filter, fuel filter, plugs, wires, injectors (if you want to get into that kind of thing), running some fuel additives through, cleaning the heads, etc. I'm going to check my fuel tank contacts that relay the float information to the gauge cluster tomorrow; apparently if those get corroded, they'll send faulty information to the cluster. good luck!


as far as the timing belt goes, the tensioner sounds about right. if that goes bad, you gotta catch it quick before the belt jumps a tooth. once it does, the car's gonna run like a POS. if there's a new tensioner and belt in there, you should be all set.

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