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Hit a median, bent rims, brake pedal grinding


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I hit a 4-5" high median head-on on the passenger side of my '05 gt, which bent the stock rims front and rear (the front was visibly severely bent.) The next day, I noticed a grinding in the brake pedal under moderate > heavy braking, and a shudder that I would describe as a feeling of the brakes biting "slipping" and then biting again several times, just before coming to a stop. This feels like it is coming from the front. It never occurred before the impact.


Things I've done so far:


1) Alignment

2) replaced both bent rims & installed different tires

3) replaced oem front & rear pads with bobcats, using their recommended bed-in procedure. This seemed to reduce the frequency of the problem, but has not solved it. The first time it occured with the new pads, I was in a downward right-hand sweeping turn. A clue?

4) rotated the tires


I've looked all over the suspension and underside and have found nothing visibly wrong.

Everything feels "normal", except when braking.


I'm looking for possible culprits:


1) When i changed the pads, the front drivers' side bottom piston was stuck out. With two of us and a huge c-clamp, we were finally able to free it. This was the opposite side from the impact. I intend to replace the caliper with a rebuilt one as soon as possible.


2) Could the rotors or hub have been bent from the impact?


3) I've considered the bearings, but have only noticed issues when braking moderately > hard, and have not noticed any "whining".


4) My buddy thought it might be the ball joints, but I have wiggled the hub and did not notice any "play" However, given the force of the impact, this makes sense to me.


5) Could I have broken a motor mount?


I'm about to start throwing $$$ for parts at the problem and would like to know where I should start.

Please help.

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Just changed my pads, happens to me too. Stock rotors freshly cut, Wagner Thermoquiet pads. Feels a bit like ABS kicking in. I personally think it's the pad shifting around in the caliper a bit.
I forgot what I was supposed to remember.
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The pad shifting makes some sense to me, especially if I've got an issue with a caliper. I guess it's probably a good idea to change the caliper first. Anyone else seeing this issue? I thought I had a unique case.
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