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Considering selling: Go stock or leave mods?

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I'm thinking of selling my 07 LGTW. I'm curious whether I should take things back to stock or leave things slightly modified.




  • 19x8 SSR wheels in excellent condition
  • JDM radio/HVAC swap with double-din NAV, Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone connection, upgraded speakers, JL sub and amplifiers


The OEM wheels have been sitting for about 15k-20k, but are getting near the need for replacement. Two of the wheels have some curbage. My guess is that I could recoup $1200 for the SSR wheels/tires at this point.


I'm thinking of selling the car privately in hopes for better value.

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Through my experience I have found that it can be hard to find a buyer who shares the same taste in aftermarket parts. This is usually in performance mods. In your case though, I doubt the mods will affect the sale.


It does come down to the money though. It most likely will be worth your time to remove the navi/wheels and sell them separately.


Just my $.02


Hey why are you selling your LGT? Upgrading to something new?

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Thanks guys. That's about what I thought. I figure the mods are worth more on here separately than rolled in with the car.


Getting that new car fever. Also a bit underwhelmed by the fit/finish/quality of my current car.

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