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Dont think i want the EV anymore

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Ok so i read this complete article and after i was done, i can say with some confidence that i dont want an EVO anymore.

I mean the cost of mods then labor to install then the mods going bonkers....no no...i cant deal with all that drama......

back to STI and 06 LGT on the charts for the pilot replacement




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Their problems with the mods, both the cost and reliability, happened because they didn't go to the oldest DSM shops. They're the ones that can make those cars bulletproof, stupid fast, and not spend $20k doing it.
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EVO's ehhh.. gotta shoehorn shit into that engine bay... handles like it's on rails though, freaking insane steering ratio, almost dangerous for those not knowing how to drive.

2012 Forester XT. Stage 2+

Retired from Racing. I used to build FMIC and more.

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Lets not forget it's a 2.0 motor in there too. Gotta give credit where it's due Mitsu can build a potent 2.0 package. The older VR4's with minor mods are dealy fast. My buddy owns a DSM shop and has an AWD Galant VR4 he does not wanna put alot of money into it. So his econo mods of a used aftermarket turbo with other minor (and mean very minor) mods has that car putting 330 to the wheels. Car looks harmless but will go 12.5's without question.
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dang twisted, 2 new cars two consecutive years? how old are you?



Hey i drove my 91 legacy wagon from 97 till 2004

and my 92 accord from 99 till 2005

so i've dealt with my share of used cars and their tantrums: (frequent visits to the local shop for brakes belts, sensors, half shafts,tires,exhaust....and so on)


The 03 Pilot is my car but my bro is driving it

The 05 LGT 5EAT is his car and i'm driving it (temporary)


So when i give him his car back then i want to trade the Pilot

SO i'm looking at

Legacy 5MT



I definitely will not compromise on AWD (so that knocks out most other cars except the ones listed above).

Other than that i am somewhat flexible on interior or performance...the best blend of those 2


To answer your question: my age - 28

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