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Legacy top hat (front & rear) questions...

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I am posting this for a friend and thought you guys might be able to help answer some of the questions.


1. Do the (02-07) Impreza "FRONT" top hats match the (05-08) Legacy top hats?


2. Are the Legacy front top hats the same from model years 01-08?


3. Are the Legacy rear top hats the same from model years 01-08?


4. What size studs are on the Legacy rear top hats from (01-08)? The newer (08-10) Impreza has M10 studs.


5. Do the Legacy top hats match the newer Impreza (GR Chassis)? I know the SH Forester and GR Impreza match.


6. Do any of you own a Legacy or have a friend with one and can take a picture of your front & rear top hats installed? I will also need some measurements from bolt center to bolt center of these.


Thanks for all your help!

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Another super-satisfied customer here! Mine was the front kit only, since I already had 2" rear lift springs and 1" lift (on H4) H6 Outback front springs. Now I'm at a nice 2" lift all around.



AFTER. :biggrin:



I want more stickers. lol


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In case anyone is still interested, I measured the '08 WRX tophat stud spacing at 5.25"

I'd love to be able to drop in the Bilsteins from the BR Leg as I can get some cheap takeoffs, but it looks unlikely to work out.


I can also confirm the BR Legacy rear struts have the same diameter top hats and lower bushings as the GH/GE WRX as well as the total length. The front bolt spacing for the knuckles are the same, as is the overall length. So, it appears that struts or coilovers for the new WRX will bolt straight onto the BR Legacy with the exception of models with Bilsteins. They seem to have a different top hat in front.

Obligatory '[URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2008-gh8-238668.html?t=238668"]build thread[/URL]' Increased capacity to 2.7 liters, still turbo, but no longer need spark plugs.
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