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How to remove the center console lid


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Anybody have a schematic or directions on how to remove and replace the lid from the center console storage area?


My center console lid was scratched up by a dog so I purchased a replacement from the dealer but it doesn't appear to be an entirely straightforward project to replace it.


Just looking for some input before I start poking and prodding.



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Since the link above is broken and I came here looking... for the future, this is how to remove the lid:


Above the cup holders at the back is a cover which to my mind is a blank over what would be a metal box designed to hold an ashtray, if smoking was still so popular... The blank can be gently pried out with a wide flat screw driver, it will just pop out. At the back of the metal box is a single screw... remove the screw and this allows the entire frame with the metal box attached, the cup holders etc. to be pulled back from the top edge and expose the hinge of the lid with three screws holding it in place...

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