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BP Gas Station Question


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Figure that people in the tri-state might know.


I got a gas at BP today in Central Jersey.

Then drove back and realized my IAM was at 0.750

The Table was clean which suggest that nothing has happened after that drop of IAM.


I usually am careful about what grade they put in but I was checking oil an then had to clean the windshield which lead me to not pay attention to what they were putting in.


Question is the gasoline grade of "GOLD" is what octane?

That's what I have on my Credit Card Receipt and wanna know maybe they messed up during filling with something else?


I thought they only have Regular (89), Silver(91), and Ultimate(93)?


If anyone know, it would help me trouble shoot the Knock events.


Thanks! :)

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Oh boy....so maybe it was not 93.....

Hence, maybe I do not see a GOLD in our area?

I think it is Ultimate or something like that...

I hope someone else can chime in on this.


But, if you are right, it's actually better because it is giving me a FLKC and dropping IAM.

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Yes, I do always fill up in Northern BP with 93 Octane.

I saw and compared the receipt that I got from N. Jersey and C. Jersey and they both stated that the gas I put in was "GOLD".

I am not thinking that it might be 93 after all?!

Just confused.

I'm going to reset the ECU and see if I get any more knock.


Thanks guys.

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I believe the "gold" is a carryover from the Amoco days before the merger with BP. In South Jersey the "ultimate" pump is colored gold, and it is 93 octane. I have to be careful about telling the attendany from Uzbekistan what I want...."premium" or "high test" isn't part of the vocabulary.

The trouble with gas is chances are you can buy many brands made at the same facility. They will supposedly make it to specification with additives, but sometimes that's only what color it is dyed. If you remember old Amoco advertising they would claim their gas was pure and clear. It only meant they did not add colors.

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Ahh, interesting.


This is what we should do.

We should have a big sign that says "YES 93" or something along that line....

I really wished NJ would let people self serve.

It will be 5 times quicker and you know what you are getting (At least by the sign....don't really know what's in the underground tank...).


Either way, I think I just over reacted to this knock event.

I resetted the ECU and drove about 30min and no knock anywhere on the LV.


Thanks for all your input!

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